Classic Martial Arts 





 Grand Master Steve Salaiz

 blue3-bullet-002s.png  42 years Martial Arts Experience and Law Enforcement Weapons Instructor
 blue3-bullet-002s.png  Retired Law Enforcement Officer with 30 Years SBPD and CDC State of California
 blue3-bullet-002s.png  Head Hunters Karate Open Tournament Director for 19 Years San Bernardino, CA
 blue3-bullet-002s.png  Certified Master Instructor International Kwongek-Do Federation
 blue3-bullet-002s.png  Certified Master Instructor International Kong Soo Do Federation WKF
 blue3-bullet-002s.png  Certified Master Instructor World Karate Federation IKKF
 blue3-bullet-002s.png  Certified Master Instructor International Classic Martial Arts Federation

Sherman Indian High School Test November 2016
2nd from left Master Brain Stine, Grand Master Maria Evans, Grand Master Steve Salaiz,
Master Jay Oldham, Master Mike Tyus, and Mark Velarde


                     Class Locations


 Main Headquarters
 At the new Pomona School
 2350 South Garey, Suite 117, Pomona Ca,.91766

 blue3-bullet-002s.png  The Boy and Girls Club Pomona Valley
 1420 South Garey Avenue, Pomona, CA 91766
 blue3-bullet-002s.png  Sherman Indian High School Closed to Public BIA and BIE
 Jackson Ave., Riverside, CA
 blue3-bullet-002s.png  Moreno Valley Recreation Center
 14075 Frederick Street, Moreno Valley, CA 92553 
 blue3-bullet-002s.png  For Information and Class Hours Call (909) 319-7436
 Email: masterstevetkd@aol