Classic Martial Arts 




Henry Murphy


In 1967, after leaving military service Hank Murphy opened the Flint Moo Duk Kwan studio which was the very first Karate studio north of Pontiac, Michigan. At that time, he was affiliated with the Michigan Tang Soo Do Association headed by Grand Master Shim, Sang Kyu. Master Russ Hanke had a studio in Pontiac and Master David Praim had studios in both Royal Oak and Detroit, Michigan. Other senior Masters in the area at that time were Master Yi, Jung Hwa and Master Dale Drouillard. All of these Masters tried to develop and organize Tang Soo Do in the Michigan area. In 1968, Master Shim left the Moo Duk Kwan to join the International Tae Kwon Do Federation under the direction of General Choi, Hong Hi. Master Murphy, at this time, parted ways with Master Shim and continued to teach the Moo Duk Kwan system. In 1969, Grand Master Jae Joon Kim arrived, followed by five more Master Instructors dispatched in 1970 to teach Moo Duk Kwan in the United States. They were Grand Master Kim, Chung Il; Master Chung, Sun Hwa; Master Song, Man Bok; Ms Kim, Young Ok and Tiger Kim.

Michigan Martial Arts has an interesting history when you consider that three out of the five original Korean Kwans, their very first Black Belts were from Michigan which propagated the art there. Those Masters are: Ernest Lieb, 1st American Black Belt in Chi Do Kwan; Dale Drouillard, 1st American Black Belt in Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan; Edward B. Sell, 1st American Black Belt in Chung Do Kwan. It should be mentioned that Tang Soo Do wouldn't be as well known without the efforts of Grand Master David Praim who had put so much hard work into the development of early Tang Soo Do in the United States. In the late 60's and early 70's Grand Master David Praim would host the First National Karate Team Championships at the Ford Auditorium in 1968 with New York and East Coast champions lead by Master George Cofield, Tomas Lapupit, Joe Hays, Alex Sternberg, Moses Powell and Little John Davis. The Michigan team was lead by Grand Master David Praim and demonstrations by Master Ed Sell and his wife. This event would be followed by many more tournaments throughout the mid-west with mutual assistance of Master Al Gene Caraulia from Cleveland, Ohio.


Certified 9th Dan Issued 2002 By
International Kong Soo Do Federation
(Asia Member World Karate Federation)

Certified 8th Dan issued 1995 By
Korean Gungek-Do Association
International Kung Fu Federation
Korea Kung Fu Association

Certified 7th Dan WTF Issued 1991 By
Certified 4th Dan Jujitsu Issued 1974

Tang Soo Do Instructors:

Master Yi Jung Hwa 1963-66 3 years
Master Shim Sang Kyu 1967-70 3 years
Grandmaster Chung IL Kim (C.I. Kim) 1970-Present
Tang Soo Do Training 49 years
Martial Arts Training        55 Years